Generate More Quality Leads &

Book More High-Ticket Clients

We help Coaches, Consultants & Creative Entrepreneurs like you to Build and Grow a Profitable Business through Strategic Digital Marketing, Management & Design without overwhelming yourself.



Getting your high-ticket coaching or consulting clients directly through your social media and website, without the mega stress of chasing them.

Imagine earning a 5 figure passive income through multiple revenue streams with the least effort and time or providing one-on-one and group sessions without burning yourself in the entire process. 😍 Sounds great right?…

But the truth is you can't just create a lame. out-dated. website. and become rich the next day. If you are like:

“Wait! Whaaa? You mean I can’t make money through my website?” πŸ˜•

That’s not what I meant. With the right tools, strategies and automated systems you can turn your website into a cool money making machine with multiple revenue streams! Yup! That’s totally possible!Β πŸ‘


Hey! I'm Shafiya,

I provide digital marketing and management services for Professional Coaches, Consultants & Creative Entrepreneurs like you, who wants to earn more but with the least effort!

My team and I will help you simplify and automate all those super stressful tasks of running your online business. So you can finally do what you loveΒ and forget the rest of the overwhelming tasks.

And you’ll not be alone in this game anymore and we’ll get you covered from every angle possible.

Your Problem πŸ™

Your coaching or consulting business system doesn't bring in the right high-ticket clients. Who are ready to book. Instead, you have built a system that needs more of your attention and effort. Which makes you feel overwhelmed and eats up your time but doesn't give the expected results. And you have no idea how to solve your problem, you aren't a technical or marketing expert.​

The Solution πŸ˜‡

What you want is a simplified system. Which generates quality leads and turn them into prospects. And squeeze in the high-ticket clients, all on automation. And that is why Shazzle Agency is here. We have the ultimate solution to your problem. The Ultimate Digital Marketing & Management Kit. For Professional Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs. Who wants to make more money with the least effort!

The Result πŸ˜€

You will get a simplified business system. With automation which runs 24/7 without stressing yourself. As a result, you'll get high-ticket clients regularly and start earning 5 figure per month income. You will have more free time to do what you love and still rock in your career!

Our Services Include:

To get clarity on your business branding and finally show up yourself as an expert.
Sales Funnel & Automation
To generate more quality leads and to book high-ticket clients on an automated system.
Sales Funnel & Automation
Content Design
To help you create visual contents to schedule your monthly posts.
Content Design
To help you build websites with e-Commerce features and boost your sales.
Website Maintenance
To maintain your website from the back end, to avoid site downs or inconvenience.
Website Maintenance
Web Design & Development
To turn your website into an automated money making machine which works 24/7.
Web Design & Development
Social Media Marketing
To help you grow an ideal audience by providing value, building trust and credibility.
Social Media Marketing
SEO & Speed Optimization
To help you optimize your SEO on Google and Social media and to double your site's speed.
SEO & Speed Optimization
Membership Sites
To build websites with secured membership features, courses feature and more.
Membership Sites
1-On-1 Support
To give you instruction on how to solve any problem you experience in our service.
1-On-1 Support

Our Creative Team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are a coach, consultant or a business owner who charges premium rates (4-6 figures) or want to charge premium rates.
  • You have the budget to work with us (4 – 5 figures)
  • You are serious about your business.
  • You are totally ready to put in your efforts to make it work.
  • You have a growth mindset and not a fixed one.
  • You are a coach, consultant or a business owner who charges low prices (2-3 figures).
  • You don’t have the budget to work with us (4 – 5 figures) You are an absolute beginner with 0 income.
  • You are not serious about your business.
  • You are not ready to put in your efforts to make it work.
  • You don’t have a growth mindset, you stick to your own opinions.

It’s so simple! Book a Project through the booking button or just buzz me on Messenger for further inquiry. We’ll have a discovery call for free and if you like to book us, we’ll send you a custom proposal crafted to your needs. And you’ll be paying an 70% upfront. We’ll book you in our schedule. And start the project!

Yup! Sure. Everyone have different needs. You may have done branding already and just looking to build a website. Or you just want someone to help you manage your social media accounts. All of it is fine too. You can customize our services however you want.

The full package takes up to 10 – 12 weeks but the timing is really dependent on how responsive you are to providing feedback on time.Β Β 

Absolutely! We love helping coaches and consultants like you pack your services into products and to build secured membership sites to have multiple revenue streams.

It depends on what you actually want. Our services are definitely not cheap but we can assure you it’s worth it. Check starter prices right here.

Definitely! Isn’t it worth it if you are finally able to make the amount of money you really wanted, to get the results you wanted and to have more freedom than ever before without even doing any overwhelming tasks from your end? Think about it!

We understand. Internet has become creepier than ever before. We’ll have an agreement signed up before getting started. So if one of us goes wrong the other can file a case but come on! We 100% guarantee, that working with us is risk-free..

No problem! You’ll only have to pay for what we have done for you up to that point but we are damn sure that you’ll love how it goes because we doesn’t even make a single work without your feedback, and clients disliking our work have never happened before.

As we said it takes up to 10 – 12 weeks for the full package to get completed. You’ll get results in the next few weeks after completion. For long-term results we highly recommend our monthly services.

We don’t work with beginners, because most of the time their mindset of not being consistent makes it hard to work with them. They don’t have the budget to work with us and they charge less than 4 figures. If you are a beginner and you charge above 4 figures and have the mindset to stay consistent without giving up. We are glad to work with you and help you achieve your goals.

Less than an hour per day. Yes! We know you can totally do that!

Not at all! We highly recommend it because you get more free time, and you can be sure the system is working flawlessly and just do what you love doing and forget the rest. After all, isn’t it the point of doing all these?

Yes please! If you have further questions before booking your project, we are more than happy to clear them out.

Absolutely! In fact, we use advanced page-builders and WordPress plugins to make things easy for you. Just drag, drop, edit and you are done. We’ll do a one-on-one explanation of how to use your new website. And you’ll also get access to our client dashboard where you can find how tos. And if you still need any further help we are here to help you too.

Of course! You’ll be able to re-edit anything as you want.

We have PayPal integration on our Proposals. If not you can direct deposit the money to our bank via TransferWise or any other such alternative method which seems to be easy for you.

Why take action now?

Because Procrastination Kills Your Sales.

We only book 1 Project per month. Hurry up now and book your seat in our schedule.

Psst… We also have a $724 worth of Bonus Materials for the non-procrastinators. πŸ™‚

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