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I know you are totally confused by the global crisis that’s taking place right now. I know that you are wondering if you can really build and grow a highly-profitable online business during this crisis. Is it even possible? Is it that important?

No time had been better than now to do that. Because the whole humanity is in need of the help of one another. People are suffering. Their starving themselves. Prices of food are increasing. Nobody knows what the future holds.

And as a human who has a particular skill, a talent, an ability to change and to develop another human being’s life, you have the responsibility to use that skill and ability to help them. You have the responsibility to take care of your family and lift one another in this hard times.

Am I tricking you to make you buy something? NO! I’m hosting this Free 3 Days Challenge to help you understand that if you have an awesome skill, service, or something that can help you make money then it’s really possible to build an automated sales system to bring your business into life.

Of course there’s gonna be sales pitches at the end. Because I totally believe I can help you build the exact system you are trying to build on your own for all these days/months/years but are failing so miserably. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join this challenge and absorb all the free education.

Think about it, 99% of the world population is totally in a mega confusion, most has lost their job and have no idea what to do and how to do. Only 1% of them are focusing on how to survive this crisis, how not to lose their minds and how to elevate their existing business and help people more.

Don’t be one of those 99% try to be the 1% and tell yourself – “I CAN DO IT”. Yes of course you can! So if you are really ready to use this opportunity to elevate your business. Then: 

Here Are 12 Secrets You'll Discover In This
Free 3 Days Challenge

Day 01

Secret #1 – The single most important segment of any sales system or funnel, if you don’t do this right your entire system will become useless.
Secret #2 – How to package your service into easy-to-handle projects for maximum profits
Secret #3 – 4 different types of traffic and how to build your business system in a way which attracts all of them to convert 100% of your market into money.
Secret #5 – The most important missing piece of your sales system puzzle which converts 30% – 50% of the prospects into sales.

Day 02

Secret #5 – The most powerful sales mechanism you must have in your business to close a deal like a real boss.
Secret #6 – The step-by-step process of how to treat a client once they say “YES” to your service to avoid scope creeps, to be in control and to get amazing testimonials.
Secret #7 – 97% of the leads are not ready to buy your service immediately, because they are either not aware of the problem or trying to find more information, and this is how you educate them and turn them into sales.
Secret #8 – How to create an irresistible opt-in-page to capture leads on automation.

Day 03

Secret #9 – Stop being salesy and do this to attract leads like crazy!
Secret #10 – The only goal of a lead generation system and you might be doing the exact opposite of this.
Secret #11 – The magical nurturing funnel where you can convert 97% of the leads into sales – this is the real money zone.
Secret #12 – What does a complete high-converting sales system looks like when all the missing pieces of the puzzle are put together.

Includes 3 Printable Workbooks


Free 30 - Minute Business Analysis & Secret Selling System Road-map Session
(Value $1000)

The most interesting part of this challenge is – throughout the challenge you can book a free session with me where I’ll analyse your current sales system and give an audit on what’s missing + you’ll get a whole secret selling system road-map explanation crafted for your own type of business.

So you can start working on your business and launch your highly-converting 5figure selling-system in the next 4 – 12 weeks. Awesome, right? So whadew waitin for? Fill the form below and join right now:

Shafiya Aslam

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