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You can't just create a creaky website and call it a money making machine 🤷‍♀️

Or make your desired income without having a well-executed plan. In fact, You don’t need a creaky website. All you need is a well-crafted Sales SystemStrategic Digital Marketing and more skills in between.


Read This First

I know you are totally confused by the global crisis that’s taking place right now. I know that you are wondering if you can really build and grow a highly-profitable online business during this crisis. Is it even possible? Is it that important? That’s what going around your head, right?

No time had been better than now to do that. Because the whole humanity is in need of the help of one another. Something revolutionary is happening. The old norm of doing business is changing. Nobody knows what the future really holds.

And as a human who has a particular skill, a talent, an ability to change and to develop another human being’s life, you have the responsibility to use that skill and ability to help them. You have the responsibility to take care of your family and lift one another in this hard times. But the question is how exactly will you do that all by yourself within a few months (not years)?

Am I tricking you to make you buy something? NO! I’m offering this Free Video and Consultation to help you understand that if you have an awesome skill, service, or something that can help you make money then it’s really possible to build an automated sales system to bring your business into life.

Of course there’s gonna be sales pitches at the end. Because I totally believe I can help you build the exact system you are trying to build on your own for all these days/months/years but are failing so miserably. 

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the free video. And understand about what a sales system is or book a call with me to have a free audit about your business. If you are really serious about taking your business to the next level and need help with that – now is the best time to take action. I’m not gonna scare you with a typical timer on the page. The choice is all yours.


Does any of this sound like you?


Here's how I can help you with it

Business Consultation

Are you getting started with a business idea or stuck somewhere in your current business? And looking for someone to analyze your business and tell you what exactly you must do? I can help you do that and beyond. My services include 1-on-1 consultation sessions for each and every package. You know what – when you are sick, it’s better to consult a doctor rather than trying to become the doctor and then find the cure. If you know what I mean 😉

Brand Clarity & Business Planning

Feeling overwhelmed about your business is normal. But you can’t continue your business journey like that. Being confused about each step you take – jumping from one thought to another will take you nowhere. I can help you get brand clarity and plan out your entire business. So you can start taking the right steps to build and grow a profitable online business. Or launch your new sales system in 90 days.

Brand Styling

Brand styling is a must before starting any marketing design for your business. The human brain is crazy. It doesn’t stick to the same style every time. But recognizes the repeated styles of brands and memorizes it. And that’s why branding is so important in attraction marketing. Now don’t tell me “I already have a Logo”. That’s not what I meant 😉 If you need a modern brand style that attracts the right type of market – let’s talk.

Automated Lead Generation System

Leads are everything for a successful business. No leads means no clients and no income. Right? There’re so many ways nowadays to generate high-quality leads. And I can help you with most of them like: SEO, Ads & Organic Social Media Marketing. I’ll help you create highly-converting content strategy and visual contents to generate the right type of leads you are looking for your business. The best part is – you can finally be your authentic self and build an amazing audience for your business at the same time.

Automated Sales Conversion System

My most favorite part of helping you. I can help you put up a “Sales System” which will convert your leads into sales like crazy. This is what I call ‘turning a website into a money making machine’. I’ll help you craft your copy for your site and then design you a highly-converting, strategy driven, modern and user focused website with optimized speed, security and latest web design features. It doesn’t matter if you already have a website or looking to build one from scratch – I’ve got you covered.

Automated Client Management System

This is where most business owners get stuck. Because all they want is a massive amount of clients. And when they finally accomplished that, they have no idea how to handle them. That is why I’ll help you build an automated client or project management system. And a team management system. So you can finally be the Head of your business, doing only the works that generate revenue. Rather than doing everything by yourself. Does it sound like the type of business model you want? Let’s have a discussion:

All-In-One Ultimate Pack

The segments you read above is what makes up an automated business system. Your funnel might already have some of it and something else might be missing. In that case, we can easily fix your funnel by replacing the required segments. But most people will have a totally messed up system or they might be just getting started. So if you are one of them, my 12 weeks program will be your best fit. To learn more about the Program:


I'm Shafiya Aslam

If you wonder who’s talking to you – I’m the one. I’m the Consultant, Strategist, Designer, and Marketer behind Shazzle Agency

And I can help you create your highly-profitable business launch in less than 12 weeks. Or help you rebuild and automate your entire business system.

And of course, I create stunning websites, branding, social media content & a little more magic in between.

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